Coen Postma

Coen Maarten Postma

Coen Maarten Postma (Born February 15th, 1995 in Maastricht, The Netherlands) is the youngest of a family of four.

Coen is the son of well-known professor:

dr. Eric O. Postma,

Scientific director Artificial Intelligence Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

And former neuropsychologist Jacqueline L. E. Postma – Oldenkamp.

Unfortunately Jacqueline passed away in 2009.

That did not set Coen back. Despite the problems caused by the hardship he went through after losing his mother, he finished high school. Be it with a little delay.
Coen Postma has practiced multiple studies; amongst others Arabic Language and Culture, Applied Psychology, Dutch Law and Nursing school.
This diversity was due to the fact that he actually did not really know what he wanted. Coen Postma was very interested in languages and wanted to see more of the world. Thanks to his job as a Flight Attendant for his nations national carrier he was exposed to a lot of different cultures and successfully learned Arabic, Turkish, German, English, Spanish besides his native language: Dutch.

Coen has one older brother, Wouter D. Postma who was born in the same city. Wouter works in online marketing. Besides his big brother Wouter (1991), Coen Postma has a smaller step-sister (2004) and a small brother (2015). Whenever Coen visits The Netherlands he enjoys spending a lot of time with them. 

Thanks to his job as Flight Attendant, Coen Postma has met his spouse: Timothy Allan Miller. Coen’s spouse works as a pilot for one of America’s biggest aviation companies. Taking the language barrier into consideration (Tim does not speak Dutch), Coen officially migrated to the United States in February of 2020. Coen Maarten Postma and his spouse live together in the vicinity of Houston, Texas.

Besides his job as Flight Attendant Coen does a lot more than just that. When the aviation industry got a hard hit due to the COVID-pandemic, Coen started Medical Interpreting, is he a Multilingual Metadata Curator and is he responsible for maintaining the website for a charity called St Johns Hospital of God Ghana.
This foundation offers humanitarian help for young orthopaedic patients in Ghana.

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